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Digital Downloads


Why go digital?

Functionality You Will Love


Made for EFB's

The digital version effortlessly syncs with popular Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) platforms like ForeFlight, providing you with instant access to inflight procedures and planning techniques.


Evolving Personal Minimums 

Digital offers the flexibility to update your personal minimums checklist. Empower yourself to adapt and refine your safety criteria effortlessly, ensuring that your in-flight decisions align with your evolving preferences.


Easy to navigate

Designed for seamless navigation both on the ground and in the air. Simplify your flight preparations and in-flight management with our easy to navigate PDF.


Some just prefer digital

We understand that preferences vary, and some pilots simply prefer the digital experience. At Flight Buddies, we embrace this diversity in choices. Whether you enjoy the tactile feel of print or the convenience of digital, our commitment is to provide you with the tools that best suit your flying style.

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