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  • What is Flight Buddies?
    Flight Buddies is a set of aviation guides that include checklists, mnemonics, and procedures designed to assist pilots in various aspects of flying, ensuring preparedness and efficiency in the cockpit.
  • What formats are available for Flight Buddies?
    Flight Buddies are available in both printed form on waterproof paper and as a digital download compatible with popular Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) apps like ForeFlight and Garmin.
  • How can I use the digital version of Flight Buddies with ForeFlight or Garmin?
    Adding Flight Buddies to ForeFlight or Garmin is simple. After purchasing the digital version, download the .pdf file and open in Foreflight or Garmin. You can then save in the documents tab. You can also save the document to files in iPad or on a desktop.
  • What's the advantage of using Flight Buddies in the cockpit?
    Flight Buddies enhance cockpit management by providing quick and easy access to essential information, checklists, and mnemonics. This aids in promoting safety, efficiency, and overall confidence during flights.
  • Can I customize the personal minimums checklist in the digital or print version?
    Yes, Flight Buddies allows you to write in your personal minimums in checklist in the digital and print version. Giving you the flexibility to adapt and refine your safety criteria based on your preferences and evolving flying experience.
  • Are Flight Buddies suitable for both new and experienced pilots?
    Absolutely! Flight Buddies cater to a wide range of pilots, from those just starting their aviation journey to seasoned aviators. The guides are designed to assist and enhance the flying experience for pilots at all levels.
  • How durable is the printed version of Flight Buddies?
    The printed version of Flight Buddies is crafted on 10mm TerraSlate waterproof paper, providing exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear. This ensures longevity, making it suitable for various weather conditions and frequent use in the cockpit. We dare you to try and rip them!
  • Can Flight Buddies be used during flight training or checkrides?
    Yes, Flight Buddies are a valuable tool during flight training and checkrides. Instructors can use them to reinforce important concepts, and students can benefit from the organized and easy-to-understand format for effective learning and preparation.
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