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Unlock the power of precision with our IFR Flight Buddies in a versatile digital format! This comprehensive digital guide features tricks and tips on holding patterns, common calculations, IFR-specific pre-start to approach and landing checklists, personal minimums checklist, IFR cross-country planning, and helpful calculations. With a ZULU to local time conversion chart and more, this digital version is tailored for Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) like Foreflight, iPhones, and tablets. Empower your IFR journey with instant access to critical information, ensuring a confident and efficient navigation through the skies.


IFR Flight Buddies Digital is a collection of 12 full-color pages or useful information for critical phases of IFR flight. 


Perfect for: 

  • New Pilots: Provides essential guidance and checklists for those starting their aviation journey.Student Pilots: A valuable learning aid to reinforce concepts and enhance understanding.
  • Experienced Pilots: Ideal for occasional flyers, serving as a reliable reminder and reference tool.
  • Instructors: Facilitates teaching by offering clear and concise information during critical flight phases.
  • Ground Instructors: A helpful resource for ground instruction, ensuring comprehensive understanding of flight procedures.


Features in the IFR Flight Buddies

  • IFR Personal Minimums 
  • IFR Checklist *does not replace POH or aircraft checklist. 
    • A great refrence for pre-flight planning and in-flight action
  • Common calculations
    • Visual Descent Point
    • Rate of Descent
    • 60:1 rule
    • Descent planning
    • Meeting IFR crossing restrictions
  • When & when not to fly a procedure turn
  • Holding patterns
    • Entry 
    • Timing
  • IFR weather minimums and 
  • ZULU to local time chart
  • Radio calls 
  • IFR clearance
  • Picking up VFR flight following 
  • IFR cruising altitude
  • 1-2-3 rule and minimums
  • Simplifying IFR Cross-country flight planning
  • Performance calculations tree
  • Weather briefing worksheet
  • IFR Lost comm procedures
  • PAR and ASR approaches
  • Light gun signals and emergency codes
  • Approach plate briefing
    • WIRE, 6T's, 3Q's
  • Aircraft & Pilot Currency
  • VOR checks

Digital IFR Flight Buddies

    Flight Buddies turned my cockpit into a well-organized space as a student pilot. The clear mnemonics and easy-to-read format not only kept me on track but also elevated my confidence in managing critical processes.

    Brian Hall,  Student Pilot

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