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Upgrade your pre-flight routine with the Flight Buddies Weather Briefing Pad 3-Pack – a must-have tool for pilots who prioritize a well-organized and documented weather briefing.


Each 5W"x7H" notepad features easy-to-follow fields, simplifying the process of gathering and recording crucial information. Printed on premium quality paper these notepads are made to fit perfectly in your flight bag and on your kneeboard. 


Elevate your commitment to safe flying with Flight Buddies – where simplicity meets quality.


Each kit includes a 3-pack of 25-page notepads.

Weather Briefing Pad [3 Pack]

    Flight Buddies turned my cockpit into a well-organized space as a student pilot. The clear mnemonics and easy-to-read format not only kept me on track but also elevated my confidence in managing critical processes.

    Brian Hall,  Student Pilot

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