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Elevate your IFR flying experience with our IFR Flight Buddies! Crafted for pilots seeking precision in their journeys, these guides are a treasure trove of tips on holding patterns, common calculations, IFR-specific pre-start to approach and landing checklists, personal minimums checklist, cross-country planning, and essential calculations. Featuring a ZULU to local time conversion chart and more, these Flight Buddies are printed on waterproof, rip-proof material, making them an indispensable tool for your kneeboard or flight bag. Enhance your IFR skills and navigate the skies with confidence!"


IFR Flight Buddies is a collection of six, 5.5"x8.5", waterproof, full-color, two-sides cards. Pack all of them or pick and choose what you need from flight planning to navigating the skies. 


Perfect for: 

  • New Pilots: Provides essential guidance and checklists for those starting their aviation journey.Student Pilots: A valuable learning aid to reinforce concepts and enhance understanding.
  • Experienced Pilots: Ideal for occasional flyers, serving as a reliable reminder and reference tool.
  • Instructors: Facilitates teaching by offering clear and concise information during critical flight phases.
  • Ground Instructors: A helpful resource for ground instruction, ensuring comprehensive understanding of flight procedures.


Features in the IFR Flight Buddies

  • IFR Personal Minimums 
  • IFR Checklist *does not replace POH or aircraft checklist. 
    • A great refrence for pre-flight planning and in-flight action
  • Common calculations
    • Visual Descent Point
    • Rate of Descent
    • 60:1 rule
    • Descent planning
    • Meeting IFR crossing restrictions
  • When & when not to fly a procedure turn
  • Holding patterns
    • Entry 
    • Timing
  • IFR weather minimums and 
  • ZULU to local time chart
  • Radio calls 
  • IFR clearance
  • Picking up VFR flight following 
  • IFR cruising altitude
  • 1-2-3 rule and minimums
  • Simplifying IFR Cross-country flight planning
  • Performance calculations tree
  • Weather briefing worksheet
  • IFR Lost comm procedures
  • PAR and ASR approaches
  • Light gun signals and emergency codes
  • Approach plate briefing
    • WIRE, 6T's, 3Q's
  • Aircraft & Pilot Currency
  • VOR checks

IFR Flight Buddies

    Flight Buddies turned my cockpit into a well-organized space as a student pilot. The clear mnemonics and easy-to-read format not only kept me on track but also elevated my confidence in managing critical processes.

    Brian Hall,  Student Pilot

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